The pink & green mascara!

This was the 1st Maybelline product I was introduced to by my sister way back in the day and it’s how I got to know about beauty brands. My sister would buy this product from Clicks & during my teen stages I would steal it when going for contests or performances at school.

I remember the 1st time I put on a mascara and I looked like I had shoe polish on my eyes. All I knew then was I had to close my eyes and apply it. After that, I had to open my mouth as all ladies still do even today when applying it.

Maybelline products have been on the shelves years & I’m surprised that they’ve been in the beauty industry for 100 years, which means it’s a good quality brand that it is easily accessible & affordable at the same time.

I ended up loving this mascara too, no smudges, soft brush & no eye irritation.