I have always admired the flawless skin of Japanese women and I must admit that drinking 4 cups of green tea certainly helps to keep skin looking good. But what made this consumer savvy lash spurge almost R2000 on a bottle of Kanebo Prime solution you may ask? The answer is simple. I was offered a generous facial were my skin was prepped and primed and when I looked at my skin afterwards, I was shocked to see how hydrated and radiant it looked. I was given three generous samples of Prime solution to try out before applying my moisturiser and was told that this miraculous potion which is enriched with a rare silk extract, will enhance the moisturisers effect on my skin. Wow, this sounded quite scientific indeed. So for a week, I meticulously applied this gorgeous serum like toner/primer to my skin and voila, my skin looked so healthy, glowing and alive! I was impressed so much so that I rushed to my nearest Kanebo and purchased the full size! You are truly getting value for money as the beautiful designer bottle houses plenty of this precious fluid. Prime solution does something magical to the skin and I am hooked!