I’ve reached an age where lets say the finer little things in life seem to mean a lot more to me than before.. and I’m referring to the fine lines and wrinkles that crept up on me while I was just happily growing up. After an insightful ‘lecture’ on creams and serums and anti-oxidants, I left the Lancome counter with my new ‘buys’. The Genifique Range of products live up to its claims in terms of anti-ageing results. It’s a deeply nourishing treatment and very simple in terms of application. I found it eased my fine lines and creases very gracefully and just add a healthy glow as well. My skin has a tendency to be very dry at times but this moisturiser just hydrated it so delicately. Its as if I’ve been given a dose of youth in a jar. the best part is when friends and family notice, it just makes me walk a little taller.