Hearing about the Miss Manga Punky Mascara launch got me very excited, as I’m a “try all”, besotted with make-up kind of girl. The name of the product is luring, hip and fashion-forward.

What I like most about the packaging are the metallic colours the mascara comes in. I love black! So the black and metallic green packaging got my eyes wide and rearing to try the product out. The comb itself is great, as most combs seem to clump my short-ish African eyelashes up and don’t really extend them to my desired length. I really enjoyed this comb applicator as it is precise, applies the formula onto my lashes effortlessly and elongates them too.

Achieving the punky effect to my lashes was a breeze and a lot of my friends noticed the difference as well. My lashes seem to feel lighter, as if I weren’t wearing any mascara at all.

So one would probably think that after applying this fabulous mascara you’d struggle to get it off right? Well, wrong! The saying “easy peezy, lemon squeezy” definitely suites this product. I don’t have to use more than I usually do to remove it.

I’m so happy with this product, I’d definitely refer it to some friends and strangers too.