I have wanted to try the Miss Manga mascara since it launched, but I wasn’t too sure about the applicator, so I always gave it a skip. So when I finally got my hands on the Miss Manga Punky, I was very excited to try it out. The packaging is cute and fun, and the tube is a great shape too! I also loved the pop of green on the lid!

I was a bit uncertain when I saw the comb, as I was used to a thicker comb, with many bristles, so this wasn’t the type of wand I was used to. After I used the mascara, I loved the wand! It ensures that each eyelash is coated and it made a dramatic look – which I love. I found that the Punky look wasn’t as difficult to achieve as I thought it would be. The applicator does most of the work for you, so it didn’t take too much effort to get the desired punky look.

After application, my lashes definitely felt heavier. The look is great though. I am very fair, so often or not my eyelashes need a good coating of mascara, and I found with the Miss Manga Punky I didn’t need to apply multiple coats, 2 coats was sufficient. Removing the mascara was quite tricky – it holds up to its long-lasting promise.

The Miss Manga Punky is by far one of my new favourite mascaras – I definitely would purchase it again. I have been using another brand of mascara for years, but I think I have found my new replacement brand! There was no smudging after hours of wear – which was great, no panda eyes. I would definitely recommend this mascara – I have very sensitive eyes, so I often battle to find the perfect mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes, and gives me the dramatic lashes I am looking for.