I recently tried this mask and I fell in love. Unlike most masks this is a leave on. You apply the mask and let it sit on your face. You then gentle massage it and you can wipe off the excess if needed but the mask stays on.

Masks are typically anti-oxidants that are rinsed off and would give a soft feel immediately post treatment. This product though is much more than that.

It leaves the skin looking radiant and feeling brand new. it worked well as a base under my make-up and the effect lasted much longer than I expected.

The Rose scent is soft and pleasant. The cream is smooth and absorbs so well. This is a worthwhile add to a face regime. I cannot emphasise enough the quality of Sisley products. It is a high end product but the results are well worth the expense.

I used this product with the Sisley cream cleanser followed by the exfoliant (another amazing product).Treat yourself to something amazing. Try this product.

If you have sensitive and or dry skin and looking for something to give your skin a spoil then this is the product for you.

Lots of Love Naturally for this one
Silk Helmet Lady