I purchased this moisturiser as it had SPF 15 in it and my sensitive combination skin loves moisturisers with a sun protectant as I get sunburnt quite easily. The moisturiser did do what it was enlisted to do, for the most part, but during the summer months my T-zone would get excessively oily half way through the day and I did not like that as my T-zone usually does not get that oily and the more I used the product the oilier my T-zone got.
But during the winter seasons or overcast weather when my skin was feeling particularly dry and in need of moisture kick, this was my go-to product, it made such a difference on how nourished my skin felt especially because it was so lightweight and practically got soaked up so easily. But unfortunately, I had to stop, it started off well but then ended up giving me larger pores and really oily skin which I did not have in the beginning.