Unfortunately, looking at the LCN lip-gloss it did not inspire much excitement if I am perfectly honest. The packaging is plain and dreary and the branding is not especially memorable or attractive. On application, it is light, smooth and soft; however, it does not smell very appealing.
It is not particularly durable in the sense that it only lasted 30 minutes to an hour. It provided a light glow on the lips. I think it would probably be suitable for all ages as an alternative to lipstick. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this product. I like it in terms of its texture and feel. I dislike it in terms of its lack-lustre packaging and tawdry smell. It reminds me of a bargain product available at all South-African flea-markets. There are too many negative aspects related to this product to overlook. In all honesty, I would undoubtedly not purchase this product.