The new micellar cleansing water has been designed for normal to sensitive skin.
The directions are that you should simply apply Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to a cotton pad and wipe across your skin for gentle and efficient cleansing > no scrubbing / rubbing mind you, are enough to make me jump and break into song!

I was very much eager when it hit South Africa as the rants really got to me. At that time, I had to go from one Clicks shop to another as it was still not wide spread. When I finally found it, I was so excited that I bought it as a gift for a friend who loves makeup but has extremely sensitive skin.

I then also bought myself a lot of cotton as I thought with all the makeup on my face, I am going to really need cotton upon cotton. To my very surprise, I removed a full face of makeup using only 2 facial pads > that included all the mascara my eyes had to bear. That goes for eye makeup, blush and lipstick too!

I have been impressed since! Yes all the foundation and BB creams off with no problem.
Now what about my usually dry skin? I was left with no dryness and no reaction at all. The moisture left on my skin felt as if I immediately moisturized after use. The only issue that came with that, is that I felt slightly sticky. I thought since it was the first use, my skin would react differently in times to come. Well I still get that sticky feeling to date (I been using it close to 2 months now), but the feeling thereof goes away within minutes.

A little amount goes a long way, almost so long using it, I am not anywhere close to getting half way with the bottle. Less water is used that before to cleanse my face (my part for saving much needed water). My cotton is still so plenty too…

I had to learn over time though, NOT to rub or scrub when using it. It is gentle and it does most work for you without much laboring. I have converted my dear hubby, he now has his own bottle (no he does not use makeup) and loves using it to cleanse his face thoroughly especially when he imitates my pamper sessions.

Use it for a refreshed feeling whether in the morning or night, or even once a day. Harsh makeup removers and lingering skin impurities, are a thing of yesterday from now on.