I swear by Tresemmé’s Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. In fact, I trust the product so much I only buy the large can so that I don’t run out for a while, and find using the big can is more cost effective on my pocket.

This hair spray has held my style through wind, humidity, nights out with the girls and even a rigorous cardio work out at the gym.

The only downer is that you’ll need to wash your hair after two days of use as it does cause build up(depending on how much spray you’ve applied).

It also doesn’t have a soft-to-touch finish, meaning that once it’s on your hair you can feel it’s there if you touch the sprayed area with your fingertips. This product is best used for styles that you want to last an entire day. E.g. putting your hair up in a volumous bun or up-style and for taming those fly-aways. If you want a soft-to-touch finish, gentle curls or waves then you’ll need to use a hairspray with a lighter hold.