I was sent a box of purple punk and quickly recruited my bestie to help me do the job. You-tube was a great help in seeing how these colours would look and what to expect, ultimately that helped me decide to do a pastel tone rather than a shocking bright purple (I had to consider what work would say) Upon receiving the box I was super happy to see that there was no developer in this kit, as box dyes usually have a developer which damages your hair and when you do want to go to the salon it can be a hair disaster, so yay for that! Being semi permanent was a big plus for me. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

So on dye day I mixed the dye with some plain white conditioner, once it was mixed well and ready it was applied to all my hair, there are no hectic chemical smells it actually smells very pleasant. I left it on for about 30 minutes and after having the mix in my hair for so long when I washed it out, my hair was amazingly soft and silky. The instructions say to wash the dye out with warm water, I chose to use cold, as this helps keep the colour in that little bit longer :) After drying and styling my hair I was super happy with the results and I would definatley recommend this to others who want to experiment with fun hair colour, its easy to use, fun and semi permanent. Thank you Beauty South Africa for choosing me to review this product, it was fun and so up my alley.