This is the perfectly sized hand cream for the handbag. I am obsessed with sun protection so the fact that this is the first hand cream with SPF that I have ever used got me quite excited. I’m that person that puts on SPF on the back of my hands every time I get into my car.

The packaging is rather pretty but I would prefer a flip cap instead of a twisty one, mostly because I tend to drop the cap quite often when using the product in a rush, so it would be more convenient.

Now, I wash my hands very often and the skin on my hands are especially thirsty. I tend to apply hand cream twice after hand washing just to get the right amount of hydration that I need. This hand and nail cream gave me just the right amount of moisture I needed without having to reapply a few minutes later. Plus, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the hands that some heavier but more effective hand creams tend to do.

My only problem with this hand cream is the scent. Having used some of the African Extract products in the past, I’m not unfamiliar with the signature scent which is rather pleasant, only that this hand cream seems to be the most potent which I don’t enjoy. It completely overpowers my perfume but luckily the scent softens after about 20 minutes or so.