I have never been a chaser of the sun. I actually much prefer the tranquillity the shadows offer but when I had an overseas trip to Paris coming up in their glorious summer I decided it was the time my milky white skin could do with a splash of colour.
I did my research on self-tanners and Caribbean Tan came out pretty well reviewed and well priced.
I opted for the Tan in A Can option. There is a spritz and mousse option but the Tan in a Can appealed to me because you can actually see where the colour has been applied immediately – no waiting hours to see the true colour.
I used a mitt to help apply the product, which I really think helped get the application on evenly.
I instantly looked a slightly darker hue without the tell tale orange undertone.
It was natural and added just enough colour to take the edge off my pale skin.
It lasted about 3 to 4 days as I did follow the instructions of not scrubbing too hard when I showered.
It did have a very slight telltale smell that self-tanners have but it was in no way offensive.
I think I’ll be able to get at least 3 applications out of one can, which makes this product cost effective.
So, if like me you are looking for a subtle colour change for a special occasion this is definitely a product I would recommend.