I am currently wearing Maybelline ColorShow in Fall Deep. In the bottle this is a pretty mauve-type colour with a slight hint of nude – basically on the nude/beige side of mauve. It took two coats for the colour on my nails to resemble the colour in the bottle (first coat was streaky). However, once the product dried it barely resembled the colour in the bottle. The beige-y hints deepened into a muddy brown and looks like a purple-y brown instead of the colour in the bottle.
I can’t complain about the rest of the product though. I love the pots which are sturdy glass bottles with a very sophisticated design – makes the product look more expensive than it is. The pots have deep necks – which is great for removing excess product from the applicator brush without the risk of spill. The applicator brush is generous and easy to handle – I love that it is thick and disperses the perfect amount of product in a single application. The product seems dry in 30 minutes – but as I discovered when I pushed an elevator button 2 hours later (and consequently dented the tip of my right index finger) it actually only sets properly after about 8 hours (which is also when you will notice the colour change).
I am not sure whether I would try the other colours in this range – as colour integrity is a big deal for nail varnish. However, it should be noted that this is an excellent quality product for a really low price. Nothing, other than the price, about this product indicates that it is a bargain buy – so I may be tempted to try another shade.