I am so sick and tired of having to apply lip liner before every lipstick application. It’s a pain in the butt having to do mirror checks every five minutes, for fear that the lipstick has either a) come off on your teeth and made you look like some bloodsucker vampire who’s just had lunch, or b) that the colour has bled into the fine lines around your mouth. Imagine looking deep into your man’s eyes and having him stare back at such a pout! Oh, no. These are but some of the hangups I have with regular lipstick, but some of the reasons I choose to avoid it. All those stains on glasses and shirts, ew. Maybelline Super Stay lipstick might change my mind about this particular cosmetic forever. I am looking forward to trying it in either a deep red, or a nude. Cannot wait. Dis-Chem, here I come! :D