I don’t do a lot of make up. Since I am TV journalist doing on-camera field presenting, I at least have to wear lipstick. There are 4 things I hate about lipstick. 1. You continuesly have to reapply it. 2. It stains you teeth. 3. It leaves marks on other people if you have to kiss them 4. Worst of all it leaves marks on glasses, cups and muggs if you drink from it. So when I had to use lipstick, I went through everything which I could find that said stayfast and long lasting or something along those lines. Unfortunately actually all such claims for all products on the market are lies – to put it plain and simple. The product that comes the closest to the truth of what they claim to be is Maybelline’s SuperStay 24hr lip colour. If you make sure it doesn’t stain your teeth when you apply it, you can be sure it will not stain your teeth, nor does it leave marks on someone else or on any container your drink from. Although it lasts much longer than any of the other Stayfast or longstay of superstay or whatever stay lipsticks out there it definately doesn’t last 24hours. I at least have to reapply 3 times during a day in the field. And have make sure every time I go on camera that there is still enough because it also flakes after a few hours. And why doesn’t the moisturiser last as long as the actual lipstick?