I decided to buy this scrub because I wanted something that would gently exfoliate instead of rubbing my skin raw. I use a face scrub every day so the gentler the better.

The smell is delicious and refreshing as others have also mentioned. The beads are truly tiny – I can liken it to that runny, soft sand you find on some beaches.

I didn’t find it drying or tightening at all. I have a few dry patches on my skin that are remnants of the winter weather that is now making way for summer so I was hoping this scrub would get rid of some of that. Alas, it didn’t. It helps to a certain extent but not in the manner that I want it to.

I think this scrub is great for getting that clean feeling on your skin and it does really get rid of that grime left on your face from the day. If you want something for truly effective exfoliation then maybe this product is not for you.

Oh, and just a word for warning to those who break out easily – I had a few instances where I got breakouts after using this (the very thing it is supposed to be preventing) but cannot say for sure if the product was the cause.