Compared to the other lip balms on the market, this one looked much more exciting. So I tried it.  But I don’t have anything wow to say about it.

It was moisturizing like many balms, but I found it wore off quite quickly. I don’t want to apply lip balm 10 times a day. The smell is great and the packaging so cute though! But I found that after a few months, it started irritating my lips tremendously. Maybe the product expired?

They became itchy and so dry that I had to re-apply over and over again, which just made it worse. I am quite sensitive to lip balms so this might only be a personal issue, not a product issue. I am keen on trying some of the other ones though!

I find that my beeswax based lipbalms are much more moisturizing and gentle on my pout. The moment a balm leaves a shiny/glossy look on the lips, it tends to give me problems.

I will definitely be trying some of the other ones though; I am just too curious as I love Maybelline!