I really enjoyed this product. I’ve always been someone that used whatever shampoo was in the shower no matter what hair type it was for and after using this shampoo I will never make that mistake again. There were a few things that really impressed me, firstly it was the smell the fragrance was very subtle and fresh. Then the texture of the shampoo it was thick and luxurious and the foam was also thick and creamy it left my hair feeling clean but not stripped. When it came to combing and styling my hair I felt there was much less breakage after about a week of use and my hair had body something I’ve not had with any shampoo just on its own I usually have to use volumising products before I dry my hair I that can leave my hair feeling dirty and heavy I didn’t have to use any product I just combed my hair dried it and off I went.
I loved the size of the bottle although it’s 250 ml it fit perfectly on my rack In the shower and in my overnight bag
I received a lot of compliments on how healthy my hair is looking so I’m definitely going to continue using it as well as recommend it to everyone