This nail polish is really cute, comes in a very compact size & fits almost anywhere. The colour that I used was ‘282, Happy Cherry’. It appears to be a metallic cherry before application.

The size and packaging is really great! Compact and strong. It’s a 5ml bottle. The texture is perfect, very easy to apply and the purpose of the product is to give it a translucent and long lasting effect, which I admit it certainly does do. This colour works for anyone of any age. The first coat is very subtle once applied, however the second coat enhances the colour much more as well as the shimmer. Works well in water and went well beyond a week without any chipping so that was a major plus.

The only problem I had with this item is that it’s a bit too translucent for me as an individual. I would recommend this if you prefer nail polish that has more of a transparent look, rather than colour. The price of R72 is a bit too much as it comes in a rather small bottle. I wouldn’t purchase this specific range of the Mavala brand, however I am keen on trying their opaque range as the quality is amazing.