I have to admit that when I tore open last month’s Ruby Box, I was more than excited to find this shampoo and conditioner in sample sizes! I used to be an avid fan of Tresemme products, as I have mentioned before – one of my main reasons for choosing shampoo and conditioner is usually the size of the bottle and Tresemme was one of the the first to deliver such big bottles! But since, Pantene has also joined the party and deliver products which I believe are better quality. Nevertheless, “Keratin Smooth” is what caught my eye, as I am well aware how great keratin is for our hair. I wish that I could say I was blown away by the dramatic difference in my hair – but I can’t. The shampoo was less than soapy and the conditioner didn’t give the feeling of smooth conditioned hair once applied. I will say that they do have some amazing detangling properties, as for the first time in awhile, I didn’t have a hand full of hair, after combing through my knots. Perhaps using this daily over a longer period of time, you would see more dramatic changes, but I am not up for changing my hair regime just yet. After reading their site, I realized that the desired results of what has been marketed was definitely not what I got. Although my hair isn’t naturally frizzy, the product didn’t improve it at all – my hair felt dry and limp in all honesty. So it is not something I would choose to purchase in the future.