I was given a pale dove grey breathable nail enamel as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I am obsessed with nail products and have 2 drawers at home filled with polishes, gel polishes, cuticle care products etc.

I did not like this nail polish at all – even though I still have it in my drawer, I’ve given it 2 tries and won’t touch it again. The brush is too long and you can’t control it well, and the bristles come off it into your nail polish. The polish also bubbled badly (possibly because it had been kept in a hot environment prior to purchasing). The application was not nice either, as it was very streaky and even 3 coats wasn’t enough.

I was prepared to give the Inglot nail enamels in general another try though. I bought 2 of their regular nail enamels, and had exactly the same problems.

I would much rather purchase good quality brands such as OPI or Essie, or even Revlon.