I really do enjoy trying out new products and am very willing to give a new product a change before I default back to my regular favourite.

That being said, I honestly gave this shampoo a good try-I used it very other day for about two weeks but i’m very disappointed to say that it did very little for my hair.

Yes, it cleaned my hair but it felt like it stripped most of the moisture out my hair too.

One thing that bothered me about this shampoo before I even tried it was that it states “suitable for all hair types”. To me, that is like saying “one bathing suit/costume fits all body types.” Hmmm, unlikely and if it did, it you’d do it very well…

I have highlighted hair and this shampoo cleaned it well with its fresh, clean fragrance but I found it way too harsh and abrasive. After just one wash my hair felt rough and squeaky.

The 280ml packaging is simple and understated, which I really like but the spout to the bottle is too big. I’m always in a rush, and like most mornings, I just grab my shampoo and squirt it into my hand. With this bottle I almost emptied half the bottle in one go!

In summary, this product looks good and smells fresh and it does clean one’s hair but if you have specific hair concerns I would not recommend this product.