I have been using this toothpaste for a while now and I can’t really say it is my favourite. I was actually given the tube by my boyfriend just after he bought it because he didn’t like it (I know- the love, right?). It isn’t as foamy as I like my toothpaste to be and I’m not fan of the feeling it gives my mouth.
Because I didn’t pay for it, I am assuming that the price of this product is more expensive than the original regular Aquafresh range, in which case I would just go for the regular range if I were you. The physical packaging is no different from any other toothpaste, and the branding on the packaging is quite nice and straight to the point, it gives you the name and how this product is different from the regular.
As a result, this is now my “night-time’ toothpaste just for me to use until it finishes. I would not refer it to someone else.