The 18K Gold Hardener from Sally Hansen may look like your average glitter nail polish, but seems infinitely more indulgent because it is infused with real gold. The 18K gold is said to form a protective shield that locks in moisture while providing your nails with a lovely luminous glow. However, I was quite disappointed when I applied the hardener to my nails. The gold flecks do not show up well, and the polish itself looked very dull compared to a regular top coat. After three coats, there was barely a shine on my nails, never mind the luminous glow the product promises. One positive point is that my nails did not chip wearing the polish, so Sally Hansen makes good on their promise of strengthening nails. If you have nails in need of some TLC, then this is a good product for you. But if you are in search something that would wow your dinner party guests, it’s best to give this one a miss. You’re not likely to get any compliments while wearing this product – you’d be lucky if people noticed it at all. I will not be buying this again.