I cannot begin to express my love for Oh-Lief natural products. My skin is constantly dry and this product has been my saving grace during the winter months.
Last week I stopped using it and swapped it for a lighter body lotion, and I can feel that I am not using this product on my skin anymore as the dryness has returned violently.
You only take a little bit of this wax in your hands, rub your hands together to create a bit of a heat flow (it helps with smooth application) and then you rub this on your skin. It sinks in instantly and leaves my skin so soft.
I also love the Chamomile body butter from Oh-Lief and although their body butter smells a lot like Chamomile, I have noticed that this product does not smell as much as Chamomile as I would like to.
With that said, it is still a lovely product to use and I have repurchased my second tin of this product.
Seems like my skin is used to the Oh-Lief way of pampering and is not so tolerant towards other body butters or lotions anymore.