I was very excited to try this product as I love trying out new mascaras. I am always on the hunt for a mascara which is going to really open up my eyes, and give me the long lashes to help me achieve the sultry look.

The packaging is pretty normal and similar to most mascaras. The wand has 360 degree short spiky bristles – which looks pretty punky.

To note, this product does not have any curling properties, nor is it waterproof.

Application is super easy, the bristles really grip onto the lashes and make sure that they coat all the lashes evenly.
The texture of the mascara is great! Not too wet and not too thick, which is usually the problem I find with mascaras which promise volume.

I’ve found that only one coat is needed to leave your lashes looking very voluminous and long.

Product is very easy to build up, which is great for me, as I am always rushing out to work in the morning.

I love this! It leaves my eyes looking very pretty with minimal effort! I highly recommend it!