If you are one of those people with excessive oily skin then this product is worth a try.

Oily skin always makes you feel insecure as your appearance tends to look sloppy and unattractive but that stops today!!

Garnier Oil Control Deep Clean Face Wash works directly with the skin to defeat excessive oiliness and impurities which causes the skin to produce that extra unwanted oils.

This face wash leaves your face feeling fresh, clean and smelling great. The fresh fragrance from the face wash leaves you with a great confidence boost to kick start your day.

I recommend that you use this face wash twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening before going to bed.

Over time you will notice that your skin will start clearing up and it will be looking clearer than before.

In conjunction with the face wash, The Garnier Oil Control Face Cream can also be used. This will give your skin that moisture it requires without producing excessive oiliness which you don’t need.

You can purchase this face wash at any of your leading supermarkets (Checkers, Pick n Pay, Spar), Clicks, Dis Chem or you can purchase it online at Takealot.

The price for this product is R30 for a 100ml tube.

Please note the price may vary according to where you purchase it from however it is still within the range of R30 which is affordable for an every day daily wash product.

Hope you ladies love this product as much as I do!