This is easily one of my most favourite products from Dark & Lovely.

Ethnic hair care can be quite high maintenance! If neglected, the hair and scalp can very quickly become dry, causing the hair to become brittle and begin to break.

The butter is specifically made for intense moisturisation of hair and scalp, treat breaking hair to leave it nourished and supple – working from the roots of the hair. The pale yellow semi-solid contents are housed in a deep purple plastic jar with a screw on and off plastic lid. The smell is neither very pleasant nor is it off-putting.

This hair butter I found to be the perfect consistency for moisturising my scalp – it’s not liquid so doesn’t require to be sprayed and will not run down your hand as a thicker but still runny moisturiser would. You dip your finger in the contents and it holds on your finger and easily spreads onto the scalp and absorbs well.

I would recommend moisturising your scalp with the butter in this way twice a week.