I am definitely one of those people who HAS yp buy every product hyped about. When a professional make-up artist used this on me to eliminate the signs of tiredness (slight bruising from my glasses, darkness under my eyes, etc.), I honestly thought it was a miracle in a pen. Little did I know that the make-up artist’s skill played a huge part in the product’s effectiveness. It works. Without a doubt. It lessened the appearance of my dark circles. However, it is very tricky to use. While the formula is quite light, the colour matching was tricky and I still had to do a little bit of blending. The design of this “pen” does not lend itself easily to this task, making the application design somewhat redundant. In addition to the fact that you do not get very many uses (I only used it occasionally because it was quite pricy), and that there are many competitors on the market fulfilling the same task, ensured that this product did not become a repeat buy.