I tried and tested this BB Cream in 01 Light. I thought it would have been too light for my skin tone. When something is described as light, in most cases it is suitable for really fair skin – something I don’t have. This BB Cream, to my surprise, suited my skin tone perfectly.

Even though the BB Cream was a perfect match, I wasn’t too fond of this product. Firstly, it has this pungent floral smell which I don’t like at all. Secondly, it left my skin looking streaky and highlighted my pores in some of the areas of my face. I wasn’t impressed by this at all. And then thirdly, I didn’t find it hydrating enough. My skin was left dull and looked somewhat lifeless.

The only positive about this BB Cream is that it has an SPF of 15.

I wouldn’t use this product again, solely because it smells awful and didn’t do much for my skin.