When purchasing this product, everything seemed too good to be true. I opened it and started using it. I was not too happy :(. It was thick, and my eyelashes would be a bit clumpy. After using it for a week. Boom!!! Magic occurred. I fell in love with Revlon ultimate ALL-IN-ONE mascara. This mascara lives up to its name. It volumises, lengthens, defines, and lift lashes, while also providing that intense colour. With so many high-end mascaras,which cost a foot and a leg, how could an average mascara under R200 truly be the ultimate one?

Ultimate-All-In-One Mascara is stored in a flat, matte black tube with a red cap. When we first saw the “power mini brush,” as Revlon calls it, we were shocked at how tiny it is! The brush is almond-shaped and about half the size of the normal mascara brushes. Because of how short it is, the risk of accidentally smudging mascara around the eyes is basically non-existent. The brush picks up the perfect amount of mascara for a single coat without getting the tube messy. However, the more coats, you add to your lashes, the more perfect it will look ;-).

The brush can be used on both the upper and lower lashes. The tiny brush separates the lashes to create a lengthier, more defined look. We found that the mascara does not smudge or flake and lasted at least 12 hours, it also removed easily with makeup remover or tap water.However, many online reviews stated that they have experienced flaking. In relation to my experience, I can tell you I did not experience that at all.

When I start feeling ugly, all I do is add some Revlon All-In-One mascara, and I feel beautiful again.

If you’re lacking in the lash department, this affordable mascara may be exactly what you’re looking for!