These eye shadows are not the most inexpensive eye shadows I have ever purchased. It is around R95 per pot. I picked up Permanent Taupe, a beautiful taupe shade, and was really excited to try it after reading amazing things about it. I don’t know if this particular shade was just a dud but it was terrible to use. The product felt quite hard to touch and once I had it on my finger, it was practically impossible to get it off of my finger and onto my eyelid, leaving me with a very patchy difficult-to-blend eyeshadow look. To make matters worse, this was not a “tattoo” at all, this one faded within an hour. So all the work that had to go into getting the shadow onto my lids and then blending it out was all for nothing.

From my experience I would not recommend these and I never plan to try them again. The other shades might be better, I just don’t care to find out.