This is a substantial, high-quality product. I am not familiar with Physicians Formula but the promise of instant, natural-looking eyelash extensions immediately grabbed my attention. Who doesn’t want thinker, longer and fuller lashes?

The product absolutely delivers on its promise. It is very easy to apply, it lasts all day (really!) and it actually works.

One coat gives a lovely daytime look. The intensity increases with multiple applications.

On the first day of using the mascara and booster I received several compliments. People didn’t necessarily notice the mascara but said my eyes looked bigger and brighter.

It really is easy to apply in three very quick and simple steps. The mascara can be used on its own – it doesn’t clump, doesn’t smudge and lasts all day. It is important not to apply too much of the ‘extension’ application at once as it will clump and most of it won’t stick. Note that the extensions won’t stick with normal mascara.

Be sure to clean off any extensions underneath your eyes after application.

This will definitely have a permanent spot in my make-up bag. It is great for pretty much any occasion.