When I first tried this product I asked my husband and teenage daughter try it with me. So this review is basically from all 3 of us.

Hubby shaves his head and sometimes does get an odd pimple afterward here and there. This product worked like a bomb! Best product for pimples – by day 3 its dried out.

Daughter used it and at the time had a pimple on her nose (yes the worst kind – we’ve all been there). Same result – by day 3 its dried out. Works must faster than other products claiming to clear pimples.

At the time I didn’t have any major pimples to talk about. I usually get tiny red dots which cleared up much quicker (totally understandable) then the pimples of the other two mentioned above.

This is a great product for pimples and when I need to purchase a pimple-fighting product again. I will most certainly buy this.

The only negative thing I can say about this product is that it does not have the best of smells. But for the purpose that it is made for and its impact, this can be overlooked.

This product works well with the Pond’s Face Wash – Pimple Clear.