I had the opportunity to review the new range in the Ponds family called the ‘Age Miracle” targeted at 40+ year old women…

Ponds as a brand have really stood the test of time. When you mention the name ‘Ponds’ the first thing that comes to my mind is the infamous ‘vanishing cream’. The memories I cherish as a ‘young lady’ using her first beauty product.

Years down the line the product has evolved and the packaging got fancier. I just love the classy packaging (it easily competes with more expensive brands).
Combo 1: Facial Foam, Toner and Night cream. The facial foam lathers up nicely without being too foamy. The toner just scrapped the dirt out of my skin, I couldn’t believe how the dirt had clogged up on my skin from using make-up daily. The Night cream just melted into my skin…I was expecting to have a dry-skin feel after some hours but to my surprise my face felt nourished.

Combo 2: Facial Foam, Toner, Serum. I loved how my skin felt when I woke up (from Day 1 products). No dryness at all. I did the facial wash routine and used the serum to moisturise my skin. I loved how light it was and how it melted in my skin so nicely.

Serums are the future in skincare. No oiliness or dryness…the pump makes it is so easy to use. I love how my skin feels…velvety!!

Combo 3: Facial Foam, Toner, Day cream. The Day & Night cream leaves a white residue on my skin that I have to make an effort to rub in. The eye cream is just amazing…it rejuvenates the skin below the eyes and awakens the eyes.

When you are over 40 yrs., you worry about the elasticity of your skin, I took the wrinkle test and was ecstatic when the results said ‘SMOOTH’…I guess ‘black don’t crack’ LOL.

My best 3 products out the entire range are:

-The facial foam…which I cannot stop using, the scent is amazing.
-The toner, my dark blotches are gone, I don’t have to hide under a concealer anymore!!!!
-The serum just melts in my skin and nourishes my skin all day and beyond.