And here’s the BB wave coming, come on ladies catch the wave because our well known Ponds cream which has been keeping women beautiful for over 150 years has created the most revolutionary BB Cream which will sweep ladies off their feet.

This amazing BB Cream has something which no other BB Cream on the market has, this amazing BB Cream contains GenActiv Cover, which is an active formula, which evens skin tone and reduces dark marks from within.

Ponds BB Cream Benefits:
• Instant natural coverage
• Non-pore clogging
• Light, non-oily texture
•Instant skin hydration improvement for a moisturised look
• Reduces dark marks
• Evens skin tone
• Protects from UVA and UVB rays (SPF30++)

So far I’ve been using the product for almost a week now and yes this BB Cream is amazing. The BB Cream gives me a natural yet flawless look with an amazing dewy but fresh look. The BB Cream has a light texture which is soft and absolutely fluffy. The BB Cream goes onto skin effortlessly and blends in to skin with a smooth and matte finish. The BB cream gives skin a beautiful medium coverage. This amazing BB Cream is especially for South African skin tones, however I wouldn’t really say that because it works on most skin types and works especially well on oily skin because it doesn’t make you shine at all.

The BB Cream comes in a shiny packaging, with a shiny silver tube and a large twist lid in shimmering silver. The tube has a large bright pink section which has information about the product. The thing I really love about the BB Cream is the nozzle, it’s really small so it allows the perfect amount of BB Cream that you actually want. The smell of the BB Cream is the usual dreamy but fresh smell of Ponds cream which makes skin burst with fresh scent.

The product comes in the following colours:

It’s sad that there are only two shades of the BB cream, hopefully there will be more shades soon. This amazing BB Cream has some really amazing long term benefits for a healthier and stronger skin.
These benefits are:
•Skin tone evening efficacies
•Long term skin evening benefit that works at the epidermal level of the skin through continuous usage.
•Dark mark efficacies
•Significant dark mark reduction results on the surface of the skin.
•Long term dark mark reduction benefits that work at the epidermal level of the skin through continuous usage.
•Significant and superior sun protection.
•Increase in skin hydration levels
•Long term improvement in skin hydration for healthy
•Long term skin improvements in multi-targeted areas.

PRO’s and CON’s of Ponds BB Cream

•Light texture with a non oily formula
•Sets to a matte finish
•Doesn’t need to be dusted with translucent powder
•Fresh Ponds scent
•Evens skin tone after frequent use
•SPF 30
•Blends into a natural flawless finish
Gives skin a lovely dewy look
Very attractive packaging

•There isn’t much of the BB Cream in the tube- only 25ml
•Only available in two shades

So this BB Cream turns out a little pricey because R89 for only 25ml of BB Cream which means digging deeper in your pockets. However this BB Cream is unique and works from the inside to solve uneven skin tone and imperfections. Overall I would recommend you give this product a try because the product blends in flawlessly and looks simply amazing.