I have been using Ponds for as Long as I can remember and no matter what new product I may be tempted to try out I always come back to Ponds as I trust the brand.

I stumbled upon the New Ponds Perfect Color Complex Naturals Range when I visited the Pharmacy about a month back. While walking through the aisles this green and white packaging caught my attention as I’ve never seen it before. I read the label and pondered a bit. The green tea extract is what attracted me and then I decided to try it out.

The packaging is identical to the Perfect color Complex Range only that instead of the normal pink its Green. Most of the Ponds Products have a very distinct and recognizable scent to it but this is completely different. It’s refreshing and it’s a cool scent, almost like aloe. I really love it. The texture is very smooth and it is a soft white Cream which is easy to apply and rub into your skin.

I have been using this Day cream for about 2 weeks now and I must say that I really love the way it feels on my skin. It’s much easier to apply and is very hydrating. You feel that soft moistured feeling. It does not leave your skin feeling stiff and tight like some of the other Ponds creams.

The only thing I don’t really like about the product is the sun alert which I only read after purchase. This product may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so be certain to use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF15 while using the product.

I thought it was specific to just this product but then I looked at the other Ponds Products I had and quite a few creams have a sun alert Attached. I took for granted that all day creams had SPF protection. READ THE LABEL LADIES.

This product promises even toned skin with a natural glow. So far I have not seen a difference in my skin tone but I feel the difference in how hydrated and moisturised my skin feels. Only time will tell, but so far i am very pleased.