Elizabeth Arden Pretty is a perfume for every woman, because everyday, everywhere…. Every woman wants to feel pretty. The unique scent of the fragrance wraps you and takes you to another world which is all girly and completely feminine. At this stage I’m not sure how many bottles of Elizabeth Arden Pretty I’ve gone through, but it’s quite a few and that I’m 100% sure of. The fragrance opens with Italian Mandarin and orange blossom which is mixed with peach juices. The heart of the fragrance is floral and gentle and compiles petalia, starry jasmine, pink lily and peony, while the base of the fragrance is soft and pleasant, composed of musk, Jacaranda wood and creamy amber. I was very interested to find out that Petatlia is a new floral molecule which was first used and introduced in this perfume.

By the notes you can know that this perfume is quite a feminine fragrance, which is very fruity and fresh. This scent is perfect for summer or spring because its very floral. The scent is much like the famous DKNY Fresh Blossom, however the Elizebeth Arden Pretty is much more affordable. The fragrance bottle was inspired by a flower vase, as the bottle is a transparent and made of glass, the bottle has a heavy glass bottom. I absolutely love the lid because its clear but has an imprint of a flower, as the lid catches the light, the top of the lid turns a beautiful pink colour. I would recommend you give this perfume a try because the fragrance is absolutely gentle and perfect for anybody. It’s a perfect summer fragrance and the scent is long lasting on skin.