I must admit that I am very impressed with Catrice cosmetics in general. The different lines of eyeshadows, lip products, nail polishes, blushes etc are quality products and are usually bang on trend! The Catrice Cosmetics Blush Artist Shading Palette 020 ‘CorALL I Need’ consists of three different blush shades in fresh coral and berry tones. I love that these colours are so fresh and enticing. All the shades are from the same colour family and work really well together. The packaging, although quite basic with its simple and compact plastic case and appearance is still appealing and eye catching. I like that you can see the three blush varieties clearly and just by looking at them. The colours are classic shades and I think that they are the type of shades that would suit anyone and can be used for a wide range of different looks and to create different effects depending on what you desire. I like how the shades blend well together and that they are quite soft. The texture of the blush is powdery but it doesn’t leave a powdery residue on your face. It is incredibly blendable and when on looks subtle and quite natural. The blush seems to be really long-lasting and my make-up looks just as lovely at the end of the day as it did when it was freshly applied. I like that you receive a matte shade as well as a shimmer. The colours layer well and because I tend to prefer the softer, more natural looking make- up looks I don’t think that you need to use a lot which is great. You can layer the colour up to build a more vibrant colour or to achieve the look you are trying to create. I am really impressed with the inclusion of little tips and tricks on the back of the packaging. This palette is definitely a must have set in your make-up collection. The only con that I can really pinpoint is that it doesn’t include a brush in the palette which makes it difficult when you are out and about needing to reapply your make-up. Other than that, I think its pretty cool!