This colour range is amazing, I can’t think of a single one of my friends that doesn’t own one of these bottles. I personally have it in 2: a nude colour and a pastel purple. The formula is smooth at first but after a few months I have noticed it getting a little thicker (my Essie and Revlon nail polishes keep their viscosity).

The packaging of these nail polishes is very bright and funky with the lid matching the contents of the glass bottle. The brush is long enough for long strokes without having to redip too often. The bottle is a reliable thickness of glass, I’ve dropped mine a few times and they haven’t broken (yet).

The quick-drying feature is very handy, although I do consider this as a trade-off on the longevity of the colour. After 5 days, my nail colour is usually embarrassingly chipped, hence I have started using these colours in conjunction with the Essence Gel-look top coat, a product that I swear by that can lengthen the lifespan of my flawless nail colour to a full two weeks.

I would recommend this product on the condition that you use it with a topcoat.