I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the Yardley Retractable eye pencil – one in a metallic white and the other in gold.

The Yardley Retractable eye pencils that I received in metallic white and gold are to provide your eyes with that little bit of spark when applying your eye makeup. The packaging was cute and nifty, and because the packaging is in the colour of the eyeliner itself, you won’t mix up which one you need when reaching for it. It’s also very clever in that the packaging includes a smudging sponge applicator AND a built in sharpener to make sure the tip is always perfectly sharp. Very practical. The consistency of the liner itself is thick and creamy, and gives a nice solid line when applying. It also lasts really well and doesn’t smudge.

I’ve often found with coloured eyeliners that the colour isn’t very solid, and in order to get a solid line, you have to draw over it again and again. These were remarkable in that you only need to use it once. The white gives a strong colour and even the gold isn’t sheer at all. I once purchased a much more expensive brand of white eyeliner and I have to say that Yardley’s Retractable eye pencil in metallic white by far surpasses the quality of the other one. I have used both pencils several times now and they are fantastic, the white is great to line your waterline and really make eyes pop, and the gold adds a festive touch when paired with a black cat eye.

I will definitely be purchasing these again, and would love to try out the black and plum colours as well.