The past week I have found myself being drawn to a certain MAC lipstick. I don’t use MAC very often because I find it expensive however I make an exception for lipsticks because I love the colour and feel of MAC on my lips.

This week I needed to use a dark purple shade of lipstick on a dark skinned girl. Being a huge fan of purple on coloured skin, I stumbled upon the lipstick named ‘rebel’.

I used it all week and each time, the colour came out just as beautiful as the time before. Since I was using the colour for screen, I needed to reply it and keep the colour fresh often. What I loved about this lipstick was that I did not have to completely reapply it each time, just touching it up seemed to do the trick.

Being able to only touch up the colour every few hours was great for me because I did not waste as much product. Additionally, the lipstick didn’t dry my model’s lips as much which made it a more pleasurable experience for her too. I was really impressed with this lipstick and am going to continue to grow my MAC lipstick collection.