This facial cleanser states that it is suited for normal to oily skin. I liked the packaging because it allows me to squeeze the amount of product out that I want at a time and is sealed tightly preventing spillage. The colours used on the packaging are blue and white which I liked because they are colours associated with water and cleanliness.

The smell of the formula is refreshing but not overpowering. It doesn’t smell like any fruit or flower to me, but just a very clean kind of smell. The formula comes out of the bottle easily and I like that it lathers easily with the water.

Using on my skin definitely makes me feel like all the dirt is being removed very gently. I prefer to use the cleanser with the facial cream than without because without, my skin feels a little dry.

It doesn’t keep oiliness at bay as well as the Johnson’s Oil Control range, even though the packaging says it is suitable for normal to oily skin. If I had to choose between the two cleansers I would choose the latter.

However, it is a cleanser that makes my face feel very awake and clean and it never burned my face.