Shiny happy people gift set consists of three fresh-smelling products for the body. The products are vegan and are not animal tested. Lush uses natural ingredients to create these and their other products.

The packaging of the gift set is very cute. It has a bright yellow wrapping around a cardboard box which looks recycled reinstating Lush’s beliefs of environmental conservation.

Inside the box:

I loved the pamphlet inside the box or rather catalogue telling me about all the other fun products that Lush offers. The pictures were wonderful and the paragraphs very descriptive.

The happy hippy showergel has such cute packaging. It comes in a recycled bottle and a sticker proudly telling me who made this product and an animation of the person’s face. I just thought it was cute because it told me a lot about the brand. It told me that their employees love working for them and are proud of their work (why else would you put your name to something) and again, that the company is environmentally friendly, by using recyclable plastic for the bottle.

The shower gel itself smells lovely. It smells citrusy and fresh. The consistency of the gel is thick and lathers very easily in the shower. I enjoyed using this product the most as an alternative to shaving cream for my legs because it did not burn or leave bumps afterwards. It helped the razor to glide better.

The bohemian soap is pretty. I like the homemade look to it. It was cut in a rectangle which means that it had very sharp edges, like when you cut soap with a knife. That made it unpleasant to wash my hands with as my palms would hurt because the edges were not smoothed off. Nevertheless, it smelt divine and did not dry out my hands. In the shower, the smell was too intense and the soap might have been a 120g to start out with but it got very small very quickly and did not last very long after just a few uses.

I had the most fun ever with green fun. This is such a versatile product which is ofcourse very exciting. The first thing my mom noted was that she liked this product because it would encourage children to practice hygiene because it was fun. It is basically like a malleable soft putty that you can play with and make shapes with like play dough, and then you can actually wash your hands with it! When you wash your hands with it you really only need a little and it feels so soft to wash your hands with and gets soapy quickly which is great. It smells very lemony and clean and I smell a small hint of methol in it. It is very pleasant to just smell this product. I did not enjoy green fun as a shampoo though. It didn’t lather on well enough and I have a very specific requirement for shampoos that I use as I suffer from dandruff, and green fun was just not formulated to fight dandruff. It was fun to use it as a bubble bar too and I’ve got all my colleagues at work really excited about green fun as they have children who love play dough too.

I had so much fun with Lush’s shiny happy people gift set and I am very grateful to Beauty South Africa for making me a part of this trial team and introducing me to this fun brand.