Having heard a lot in beauty news regarding thermal water sprays I was super excited to receive this product to review. It is beautifully and simplistically packaged and feels good to hold in the hand. The spray itself is super light and SO refreshing to the skin it is like walking into a heavenly waterfall!! I have used it before and after putting on makeup, after a workout / hot shower / hot & humid weather and it felt simply divine on the skin. By just spraying a little onto my face I felt it revive and wake up all my senses and left my whole body feeling more energized and awake. I’ve tried it to set my makeup as soon on the web, however I felt that this didn’t work well in that regard and it watered down my makeup instead of giving that dewy/glowy look I expected. All in all I felt this an amazing product to use and I would definitely add this to my “must-haves” list.