This product won me over. It was a great product that delivered marvelously amazing results! A repurchase product indeed.

Dealing with the lowlights of the product first:
Right off the bat, the wooden mixing stick they provide is far too short, making it difficult to mix the cream without it getting on your fingers or hands. The smell isn’t too pleasant either – very much a sharp chemical smell.

Being a person who prefers to relax my hair at home as opposed to the salon, this was very much routine for me. Although I had not used this particular relaxer from the Dark n Lovely home relaxer kits, I knew more or less what to expect in the end. As always (Dark and Lovely are experts at this), my hair came out so well done – smooth, glossy, straight and sleek. I was rightly thrilled by the end result.

GREAT results and extremely happy with this relaxer kit!