So ever since I’ve seen the Revlon Photoready Primer + Eyeshadow I’ve been dying to try it out, although the price put me off a little bit because I never actually tried the product out before and the stores around me never had the colour I wanted.

This amazing eyeshadow that I’m reviewing is the Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow in Watercolors 520, which has shimmering colours of purple and pinks which I felt suited me. So the eyeshadow palette was pretty straight forward on how to use. It had the three different shades to use on your lid, crease and brow bone. Plus it included a primer and sparkle top coat, it also includes two application sponge brushes. The eyeshadows themselves are quite shimmering and mesmerising, which I thought is perfect for a beautiful night time make up or make up to a function or something special. The absolutely blendable eyeshadows have a rich colour with a lovely creamy texture which feels smooth and silky when applying the eyeshadow.

The Photoready Palette allows you to create amazing yet different looks all from one palette. First you apply the primer to eyelids. Applying the primer will create a smooth canvas for eyeshadow and also enhances the look of the eyeshadow and allowing the eyeshadow to stay on for longer with no colour fading. Apply the colour eyeshadows as follows in the colours you want and you can mix and match as well. To intensify the colour, I suggest using the eyeshadow wet as it gives eyes a much better look than dry. The top coat is a beautiful shimmery shadow which gives eyes a lovely dimension and mesmerising effects. If you’re not sure exactly sure how yo use the eyeshadow in the correct way like in the advert, simply flip the palette over and read the instructions on the other side about how to use the product. The shades of this eyeshadow are perfectly selected to complement each other and blend in flawlessly.

PRO’s and CON’s

Simple to use
Has easy instructions for flawless application
Has a primer
Stops eyeshadow from fading
Rich colour
Creamy textured eyeshadow
Easy to blend
Can create various different styles
Has a sparkle top coat to add dimension
Includes two sponge brushes
Long lasting colour
Palette is sleek and small to fit into handbags
Can be used wet or dry
Available in 8 shades

The eyeshadow is a bit pricey which may turn people away from the product

I would recommend you give this product a try. I know R189 is a steep price for an eyeshadow however you don’t actually need a lot of the product to actually create the style you need. I also noticed that to save on using extra eyeshadow, just apply it wet as it blends better and looks more flawless.