Drum roll please :) I present you the latest, and most amazing BB Cream ever :) Rimmel has now gone one up on Dr Brandt, Garnier and Smashbox, and has created the most amazing BB Cream ever :) I’m a sucker for BB Creams because the mornings get really hectic and I have to cut my beauty routine.

I was shopping in clicks (oh yes, I love shopping in Clicks) and I came across this product, one thing about Rimmel that I really love, is that when they have created a new product, and they know its amazing, they plaster up a BIG board behind the product, which you can’t really miss.

The advantage about this product is that it isn’t really expensive, it’s R99 for 30ml, although you don’t really need a lot so I am assuming it last long. I grabbed the product, in medium (it comes in Light and Medium only) literally threw it in the basket and raced to the till. I was so eager to try it out.

I raced back home (just kidding I drove like a normal person) and I washed off any traces of make up which I had on, and tried the BB Cream. It felt cold and velvety on my freshly washed face. I touched it up here and there with my Blender Baby (a sponge something close to the beauty blender) and it was slightly off my actual colour (looked a bit lighter) after about 10 minutes when my disappointment was about to kick in, I noticed the cream had soaked into my skin, and *MAGIC* the cream gave me a beautiful matte finish. Which lasted quite some time, it was perfect for my oily skin and guess what’s the best part… NO Translucent powder needed :)