I have used the African Extracts range for approx. 18 months and my skin is visibly different What I like the most about African Extracts purifying toner is that it actually feels like its purifying my skin as I apply it. The fact that I drink alot of Rooibox tea adds to the anti-oxidant effect and will hopefully leave me looking younger for longer. I used to think I needed toner with alcohol in to see a difference in my skin, until I started using the purifying range and I subsequently realised how much damage the other products had done. African Extracts range has left me feeling like a ‘true’ woman, because it’s taught me how important my skincare routine is actually. The fact that the packaging is so nice makes a big difference, makes me feel all ‘grown up’ and its totally affordable as well! Best of all, IT’S PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!